15th Annual Jeremyah Annual 5K


Over 1,400 Arizona residents die each year by suicide; more than 47,000 nationally. In the wake of those numbers that are increasing every year, are the loved ones left behind.

The tragedy and trauma doesn’t end with the life lost. It continues for years as the Survivors of Suicide try to grasp, understand, and find a place for or move on from the huge loss they have experienced.

The Memorial Walk/Run is one way we can honor our loved ones who have died by suicide. It is one way we can process through the grief. And it is one way we can reach out to others not affected to help them understand how we all might recognize and support others in need… before it’s too late.

EMPACT-SPC, a non-profit agency, works to help those in crisis as well as support those who have lost a loved one. This walk is one way to help the organization raise awareness about its services. It’s also one way we can help others and raise dollars to make sure programs are available for those struggling with depression, anxiety, grief and loss.

Take a walk, save a life. Help us create a safe, strong, and healthy community.


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