Individual Therapy / Peer Support

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy, provided by a licensed clinician, can be beneficial for Survivors of Suicide in order to deal with the trauma and the complicated grief that is associated with their loss. EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy) is one evidence-based strategy that can be used to reduce or resolve traumatic memories and to enhance resilience.

For more information, please contact our outreach counselor to receive a list of referrals for therapy/EMDR:

480-784-1514, ext. 1108

Survivor Support: One Survivor Helping Another

EMPACT-SPC’s Local Outreach to Suicide Survivors(LOSS) program is offering individual peer support to those who recently have been bereaved by suicide. The emotional support of another who has shared the trauma of this type of loss can be beneficial for the healing process.

For more information about scheduling a peer support appointment, please contact:  Sandra McNally 480-784-1514, ext. 1219